Men's Standard T-shirt

A classic-cut t-shirt made from 100% cotton at a light 155g/m².

Size A (cm) 68,0 72,0 74,0 75,0 78,0
Size B (cm) 49,0 52,0 56,0 60,0 61,0

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Cooking aprons

Our aprons for women and aprons for men are both versatile and functional. Whether you need a kitchen apron or barbecue apron, Spreadshirt has funny aprons for any occasion. Wear a cooking apron at a BBQ or in the kitchen, our printed aprons will give your clothing the protection they need while showing off some creativity at the same time. You can create gifts with custom aprons for children and kids, and design your own apron with vintage designs.

Customised aprons don’t come much more unique than at Spreadshirt, and it’s easy to design your own unique item by means of apron printing with a pattern or design, and you can upload a photo to print on custom aprons. While the food and catering industry have used kitchen aprons as a vital part of their uniforms, the personalized apron is making a dramatic comeback.

Customised aprons for any occasion

You can wear custom aprons while washing dishes, painting the wall, or grilling steaks and sausages in your garden. This is why gardening aprons and painting aprons help you to not having to switch clothes when you can throw on a custom apron from Spreadshirt and tackle the task ahead. Along with its versatility, sporting a personalised cooking apron with funny designs adds functionality to other activities as well.

At Spreadshirt, our rugged aprons come with two front stitched pouch pockets. That means that you have extra pockets for your grill master utensils, your paint brushes, your dish towels and rubber gloves so that you can easily stash away these items.

Being different and fun

The custom apron also works well to announce to the world that you are the chef, the grill master or simply the best cook in the world. Wearing a customized apron makes you feel completely in charge of your kitchen. Choose a design that matches your personality, and take charge of creating and personalising your own apron so that everyone sees who is chef. You can design Christmas aprons, cupcake aprons or Valentine’s aprons. The possibilities for personalisation are infinite – the sky is the limit of your creativity. There are so many fun designs to choose from that you can create fun aprons in no time.

Apron gifts for any occasion

Apron gifts are a very popular way of making birthday presents, anniversary gifts and any occasion when paying attention to a special person counts a success. Boyfriend gifts and girlfriend gifts with matching aprons or a photo apron gift make highly personalised gifts that turn into a hit in the kitchen. Treat your partner with a personalised apron, and express your love in a unique and personal way. Gift an apron to a special person, and send your message on a personalized gift.

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