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Men's Standard T-shirt

A classic-cut t-shirt made from 100% cotton at a light 155g/m².

Size A (cm) 68,0 72,0 74,0 75,0 78,0
Size B (cm) 49,0 52,0 56,0 60,0 61,0

Personalised Polo Shirts from Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt offers personalised polo shirts for all occasions from the golf course to the office. No matter what you are doing, personalised polo shirts from Spreadshirt will inevitably be the right choice for you and your company.

Spreadshirt allows you to break the shackles of retail and puts you in control of your apparel choices. Our easy to use T-Shirt Maker allows you to personalise your new polo shirt with images and text of your choosing. Not good at coming up with things on your own? No problem! Our marketplace has literally thousands of designs to choose. With such a wide range of creative designs and images, you will be able to find the right personalised polo shirt for you. Other option is that you check out the polo shirts designs in our marketplace.

What Is a Personalised Polo Shirt?

The personalised polo shirt is not a t-shirt, it is far, far more. The collar and the button down nature of it are perhaps what sets it apart most. You can lay your collar flat or turn it up to show how hip you are. The personalised polo shirt is far more versatile than its t-shirt counterpart. Personalised polo shirts are great for a day of golf or for a day at the tennis courts. Did you know that a tennis player in fact designed the polo shirt? Personalised polo shirts from Spreadshirt will allow you to dominate the court in style.

Polo shirts allow you to skirt the line between casual and business. Commonly known as business casual, the buttons on the polo shirt allow you to be relaxed but clean and professional at the same time. As much as the vaunted t-shirt is loved, it just seems unprofessional at times. With the personalised polo shirt, you can be relaxed yet professional in the boardroom or club.

They are also great for personalised sportswear. Combine with one of our great personalised water bottles out on the golf course, you will be the talk of the club. Personalised polo shirts are a great alternative to the personalised tank top, as they allow you to be athletic but yet still retain some class.

Creating Your Own Personalised Polo Shirt

Spreadshirt makes it easier than ever to create your very own personalised polo shirt. Our innovative designer enables you to create your personalised polo shirts in an easy to use web interface that works on all computers. We do not let technology get in the way of your creating and we strive to make designing your own polo shirt to be a completely painless experience.

With a few simple clicks, you are able to create something entirely unique and can share it with the world. We do not only allow you to create your own personalised polo shirts but we allow you to sell your new and innovative designs to the world. Don’t just become a consumer of personalised polo shirts but become a seller! With Spreadshirt, you can easily open a free t-shirt shop and sell your designs on t-shirts, aprons, hoodies and of course polo shirts.

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