iheartyfu.de launched based on Spreadshirt API v1 Alpha

Recently, our partner Christoph Eicke launched his new and shiny shop iheartyfu.de. You can see a screenshot of his shop’s start page below.

Hm, you’d say: “What’s so special on that?”. Well, Christoph created his custom shop based on our Spreadshirt API v1 (which is still alpha but works apparently already). And that is quite cool.

So what did he do? Christoph wrote his web application which contains the whole presentation logic based on Ruby on Rails. He basically used our API

  • to retrieve article lists,
  • to retrieve inventory data,
  • to create and update baskets and
  • get a redirect link for our HTML checkout.

If you go to Christoph’s shop iheartyfu.de and play around a little bit, you will see that everything runs quite smoothly and that the basket/ HTML checkout integration works quite well.

Christoph’s custom shop for presenting shop articles is only one example for a whole set of new use cases that can be satisfied using our new and shiny API v1.

Martin Breest
Platform Evangelist

RESTful Web Service Presentation

I recently held a presentation for a couple of our Spreadshirt engineers about our view on “RESTful Web Services” in general and the functionality provided by Spreadshirt’s REST API in special. In case you are interested, click on the image below to open the presentation.

Martin Breest
Platform Evangelist