Spreadshirt API Forum Online

I am proud to announce that since Monday we have an own Spreadshirt API forum at http://forum.spreadshirt.net running. Additionally to this blog and our developer wiki, this is the third pillar of our communication strategy.

Please use the forum to ask questions related to the API, to tell us your problems using the API or to discuss missing API features with us. Please also use it to tell us about your success stories using the API or good API use cases that could be relevant for other partners as well. Hope we will have fruitful conversations there.


PHP Sample Scripts for Design Upload, Product Creation and Basket Handling Available

Today, I added three useful PHP sample scripts to our SourceForge repository that show you how to upload designs, create products and create and modify baskets, render article listings, render design listings using Spreadshirt API v1.

In case you need more background information on how our design, product and basket models work, read design model, product model and basket model and have a look at the tutorials for product creation and design upload.


Grails Plugin released

At times I am contributing to the Grails Plugins project. This week I submitted a first version of a Spreadshirt Plugin that helps you to utilize our neat Platform API within a Grails Project. Please find details about the Plugin in our Developer Wiki.

Version 0.2 still doesn’t cover the whole API but it’s already offering POGOs for most of the API ressources available as well as some operations to retrieve objects. It’s still doing read operations only but as soon as possible I’ll add capabilities to handle all common Basket operations.

If you’d like to use the Plugin but miss functionality, don’t hesitate to let me know. Same for existing bugs.

If possible I’ll fulfill bugfixes and feature requests soon.

achotio.es and monstruito.es relaunched based on Spreadshirt API v1

Our spanish partner Ismael Briones relaunched his two Web sites achotio.es and monstruito.es based on Spreadshirt API v1. What he did is quite similar to what our german partner Christoph Eicke did some month ago with iheartyfu.de: He wrote a custom shop integration. So, he basically used the API:

  • to retrieve article lists,
  • to retrieve inventory data,
  • to create and update baskets and
  • to get a redirect link for our HTML checkout.

This is quite cool already. But what is even more impressive is what he is working on with beta.monstruito.es right now. He noticed that some customers of his shop not only want to change the shirt colors but also the colors of his vector designs and sometimes they also want to reposition the design.
So what he did was writing an own simple confomat, which you can see in the screenshot above. The simplomat allows to change the vector design colors, to reposition designs and to order the modified shirt with Spreadshirt.  Thus, he used the API, besides the already mentioned features:

Ismael’s custom shop for presenting shop articles and his simplomat are only examples for a whole set of new use cases that can be satisfied using Spreadshirt API v1.


Twittershirts Demo updated

Checking the blogs I usually follow, I stumbled upon the blog post “Exciting Mashups: My Friends Mosaic, Handmade Spark, Liveplasma, Tesco” on Exciting Commerce. It talks about the My Friends Mosaic mashup that uses avatar images from twitter to render a picture of those followers to be printed on a shirt or similar.
By coincidence, last week, I wrote a blog post about my Twittershirts demo app that does the same thing using Spreadshirt API v1. I updated the demo, such that I also use the avatar images now instead of the plain user names, and can do pretty much the same thing as the my friends mosaic guys do. You can even order the shirt at Spreadshirt if you want.


Twittershirts Mass Customization Demo using Spreadshirt API v1 available

In my last blog posts, I told you about how to upload designs, create products and use the basket on Spreadshirt API v1.  To make it easier for you to use these features in your own application, I wrote a demo application that I called Twittershirts.

Twittershirts is a web application written in Java that shows how simple it is to write mass customization applications using Spreadshirt API v1. Twittershirts basically renders for a given twitter user id or name a followers cloud on a shirt and allows to buy this shirt at Spreadshirt. The used API features are:

  • Upload pixel designs to Spreadshirt using the API (twitter user’s follower cloud as png file),
  • Create new products (customer product) at Spreadshirt using the API,
  • Create basket and basket item at Spreadshirt using the API,
  • Retrieve basket checkout URL and redirect to Spreadshirt standard (marketplace) checkout.

You can try the application at http://demoapp.spreadshirt.net/twittershirts/confomat. The code is available on SourceForge at http://spreadshirtapps.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/spreadshirtapps/java/twittershirt/.
You can also find this information on the Twittershirt application description page on our developer wiki.