Putting News Headlines on T-Shirts is Easy as Pie

Two years ago, we had a project running with CNN where we created a special T-Shirt designer with CNN that allowed to order T-Shirts with CNN headlines with Spreadshirt. Since that day, lot’s of people looked at that and thought to themselves: “I want to have that too for my site!”.

Today, putting news headlines on t-shirts is easy as pie and becomes a commodity as our news headline on a shirt demo shows. In that demo we retrieve the CNN top stories, display them to the customers and allow them to put one headline on a t-shirt. They can also select a t-shirt color and size and order it via Spreadshirt.

All you need to create a similar Web application is our Spreadshirt API v1, the open source Simplomat from SourceForge and a news headline source, such as CNN’s top stories feed. In case you don’t want to use Spreadshirt’s default checkout, you also need to customize a Spreadshirt shop checkout to your needs.

But that’s basically it and it is really easy as pie. And different from most Adobe Flash based applications, it should even run on iPhone and iPad. Try it out!

Putting news headlines on t-shirts is just one use case the Simplomat is good for. Checkout what else you can do with it by going to our developer wiki’s Simplomat pages.

Martin Breest
Platform Evangelist