Calculating Product Prices (API Terminology Explained #11)

In my last blog post in the series “API Terminology Explained”, I told you about how to map coordinates from Spreadshirt’s SVG user coordinate system to your application’s coordinate system in order to display products in your application correctly. In this blog post, I will tell you more about how to calculate product prices correctly.


As already explained in the product model, a product is always based on a product type, such as a shirt. A product has one or more text or design configurations that define on which print area Spreadshirt shall print text or designs with a specific print type, such as flock, flex or digital, and for non-digital print types with specific print colors, such as black, red or white.
Product types, print types and print colors have shop specific prices. Designs may have a design commission adjusted by the owner of the design.  Please note that when working in a shop context, e.g. /shops/205909, all prices are returned in the adjusted shop currency.

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