Introducing SpreadKit – Spreadshirt API for iOS


We are very happy to announce that SpreadKit 1.0 is available!
SpreadKit is an Objective-C framework (currently iOS-only) for interacting with the Spreadshirt API. This means it just got easier for you to integrate the Spreadshirt platform into your iPhone and iPad apps. Some of SpreadKit’s features are:
  • mappings of all Spreadshirt API resource types into native Objective-C objects
  • asynchronous API for all CRUD operations
  • transparent SprdAuth support
  • Retina-aware image loading: All images are loaded in a suitable resolution for the device
  • basket manager class
  • much more
To see what all the fuzz is about, head over to the GitHub repository. There you will find a quick guide to SpreadKit that should bring you up to speed with the framework.
We are happy to answer your questions or hear your comments. Please just use the blog comments or GitHub issues.

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