Grails plugin version 0.4 released

The days after the holidays have been rather quite so I could find some time to put effort in more Plugin features and to release a new version.

What’s new within version 0.4:

  • Create, retrieve, update and delete Baskets and BasketItems
  • Create, update and delete Designs including easy Design upload
  • Several bugfixes though more comprehensive test coverage

These are the first Plugin features that require a valid API key. Here’s how to configure it well.

Wish y’all a Happy New Year!

Grails Plugin Version 0.3 released

For an internal project which transforms shop data into a format that’s readable by Amazon Selling Central I had to quickly add some core API features to the Spreadshirt Grails Plugin that weren’t available yet. Beyond that – I have to admit – there were a couple of bugs within the latest version (o.2) which have also been fixed.

These new features and bugfixes are now available via Grails Plugin Repository as Plugin Version 0.3:

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API Key Call Limits Introduced

Since today, we are tracking the usage of specific API features based on the used API key. Features that are tracked are for example product creation, design upload and basket creation. We also use the tracked data to block specific features automatically on a daily basis. The default limit is 1000 calls per feature. However, we are able to adjust the call limits to your needs on a very fine-grained level. In case the call limit is too low for your application, tell us. We will increase the call limits after checking your application.


Grails Plugin released

At times I am contributing to the Grails Plugins project. This week I submitted a first version of a Spreadshirt Plugin that helps you to utilize our neat Platform API within a Grails Project. Please find details about the Plugin in our Developer Wiki.

Version 0.2 still doesn’t cover the whole API but it’s already offering POGOs for most of the API ressources available as well as some operations to retrieve objects. It’s still doing read operations only but as soon as possible I’ll add capabilities to handle all common Basket operations.

If you’d like to use the Plugin but miss functionality, don’t hesitate to let me know. Same for existing bugs.

If possible I’ll fulfill bugfixes and feature requests soon.

Another Platform Search Fix Released this Week

This week, we released a couple of fixes for our platform search. The fixes are as follows:

  • Products and designs that sell well get a bonus and are moved up in search results.
  • Design tags are automatically indexed on all articles that use that design now.
  • Articles are grouped differently now to show more variety.
  • Searching for single digits works again, e.g. “Rückennummer 1” or “1”.
  • Bonus for new articles/designs is disabled for now.

We will further improve search during the next weeks. One issue that we will improve quite soon through better and smarter caching is the site loading speed of marketplace pages in general.

Platform Search Fix Released Today

Today, we released a fix for the recent search issues with marketplace and confomat search and search indexing on eu and na platform. The major changes are as follows:

  • Faster Index Updates: We fixed the problem that changes on marketplace articles or designs took sometimes hours to be reflected in the actual search result, e.g. adding or removing a tag. Changes on articles or designs should now be reflected  in the search result in at most 10 minutes (mostly because of caching and replication issues).
  • Search Terms AND Connected: All search terms are AND connected in marketplace and Confomat search now when conducting a search – they were OR connected before. AND connected means, that all terms must occur in an article or design. Thus, we have much better results when customers enter more than one search term, for example “weißes männer shirt sterne herz deutschland” on the german marketplace or “sterne deutschland herz” in the confomat search. In case no article matches the AND connected search terms, the rule is that for more than 2 terms 2 terms must match and the additional ones are optional.
  • Search Supports Phrase Search and Exclusion: The fixed search core supports phrase search, e.g. “I heart berlin”, as well as exclusions, e.g. “weltmeister deutschland -brasilien”, now. However, this needs to be enabled in marketplace search on PHP side and in design search in Confomat first. Continue reading “Platform Search Fix Released Today”

Spreadshirt Developer Network Wiki online

We are proud to announce that today our Spreadshirt Developer Network Wiki went online.

What will you find there?
You will find a complete documentation of the current state of our REST API (Spreadshirt API v1) and links to already existing sample applications and sample code. So you no longer need to guess which URLs you can use or what a payload attribute means.

Where can you find additional information?
The Wiki complemets information about our API, provided by the already existing developer community, that you can find on and

Update for Spreadshirt API v1 Alpha Released

Today, we released a new version of API v1. Please note, that API v1 is still alpha, although it can already be used to create useful applications. We basically improved our data and image api.

The major new features are as follows:

  • we added product creation,
  • we added the design upload,
  • we added article categories for marketplace,
  • we modified the design categories structure,
  • we added missing article and design meta data,
  • we added the marketplace search for articles and designs,
  • we added a shop designs list,
  • we added a shop products list,
  • we improved basket creation.

You can checkout the new features by going to the API specifications
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Problems with Image API Urls

We recently discovered a problem with queries in our Image API URLs. Unfortunately, our CDN provider – one of the big ones on the market – is not able to deliver images for URLs that contain queries in HTTP GET requests and vary the image appearance, e.g. the product color or image size, with that query. So URLs like

might not work correctly, because after a certain time the CDN delivers the wrong cached image for the given query parameters.

We asked our CDN provider to solve that problem, but apparently they are unable or unwilling to do so. The odd thing is that queries in URLs that return XML data work apparently. The reason for the problem seems to be an old Squid version for delivering image data in Europe. But we don’t know exactly.

Anyway, the workaround for the described problem is, that you put the query parameters in a comma-separated list behind the id, like,height=100,width=100.png,height=200,width=200.png

Martin Breest
Platform Evangelist

First API v1 Sample Apps available at SourceForge

We created today a new project called spreadshirtapps at SourceForge. The goal is to provide sample code for different programming languages, such as Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and different application types, such as custom shops, widgets and integrations, to you in order to help you to make use of the API and to create cool, fancy and innovative applications.

You can checkout the already available code from:
svn co spreadshirtapps

Please note, that API v1 is currently under development (which means alpha) and that we will provide a first public beta next year. However, if you want to try it out and need an APIKey for example, contact us a developer(at)