Earning money with Spreadshirt

At Spreadshirt you can earn money with your own designs and products. There are three types of revenue streams: design price, affiliate commission and volume commission, graded according to sales volumes. We pay account balances, which you accumulate by selling your designs and products, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. You can find more information about payment of your account balance here.

Design price

You set the design price for use of designs you upload. This can be between €0 and €15 and is always calculated into the price when your design is used in the T-Shirt Designer or when someone buys a product with your design from the Spreadshirt Marketplace. The design price is added to the total price of the product and is automatically charged to the customer when he makes a purchase. You collect a credit for each sale for which we compensate you as detailed below.

We calculate your design price payment as follows:

The VAT applied to the final price depends on the county of delivery. This will affect your commission, as the following example for Germany, Switzerland and Sweden shows:

VAT rate in country of delivery DE
Price of men's t-shirt €13.99 €13.99 €13.99
Printing costs €4.50 €4.50 €4.50
Design price €3.00 €3.00 €3.00
Final price to customer (incl. VAT.) €21.49 €21.49 €21.49
Net final price €18.06 €21.49 €17.19
VAT (on sale) €3.43 €0.00 €4.30
↳ of which the VAT component of the design price is €0.48 €0.00 €0.60
Your payment (excl. VAT)* €2.52 €3.00 €2.40

Affiliate Commission

We credit a Shop Partner’s account with the Affiliate Commission for every item sold. The Affiliate Commission amounts to 20% of the revenue consisting of product price plus print price (minus VAT). If you sell at least 11 products within the two-week "campaign period", an additional Volume Commission can further increase your earnings.

If you run a non-profit shop and you want to dispense with earnings, you can opt out of receiving the Affiliate Commission in your Shop overview. This setting will also prevent you from receiving a Volume Commission. In this case, the products in your Shop will be offered 20% cheaper.

This is how your Affiliate Commission is calculated

Depending on the country of delivery, the final price may vary due to different VAT. This influences your earnings, which is illustrated here by way of example for Germany, Switzerland and Sweden:

VAT in the country of delivery DE
Price Men’s T-shirt €13,99 €13,99 €13,99
Printing costs €4.50 €4.50 €4.50
Final price (incl. VAT) €18,49 €18,49 €18,49
Final net price €15,54 €18,49 €14,79
Your Affiliate Commission €3,11 €3,70 €2,96

Volume Commission

We reward Shop Partners who sell at least 11 products within a two-week “campaign period”. The campaign periods are divided between the first half (1st to 15th) or second half of the month (16th until end of month). All sales are considered for which you receive an Affiliate Commission. The table below has been put together to illustrate how you can earn between 2.5% and 40% on top of the Affiliate Commission on product prices plus printing prices (minus VAT and potential discounts). Please note: If you opt out of receiving the Affiliate Commission, you won’t receive a Volume Commission either.

Volume Commission scale depending on your item sales

Number of item sales Volume Commission
0-10 0.0%
11-50 2.5%
51-100 5.0%
101-250 10.0%
251-500 25.0%
501-1000 35.0%
1,001 and above 40.0%

Since we can only accredit for purchases that have been paid for and that have not been returned, we wait two weeks until we ultimately credit you with the commission. In addition to payouts of your credit, you will receive the additional Volume Commission of both periods in the middle of the following month. An example: The whole Volume Commission for the month of May (including both 2-weeks periods) will be transferred to you in mid June. The commission for the first half of the month (here: 1-15 May) can be viewed at the end of May.

Important: Your earnings are in principal subject to VAT. Proceeds need to be declared to the respective tax authority. For more information, please refer to Taxation of your earnings.

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