Earning money with Spreadshirt

Make money with your own designs and your personalised products. There are two options: You set a price for using your design (design price) or decide on a mark-up for the shop products you create (shop product mark-up). Design price and shop product mark-up add to the total product price that’s paid by the customer. You collect earnings through your sales, which will be paid out to you according to our GTC. More info on payments.

Design price

The design price also applies to a design you upload and that’s used by someone else. The amount can range between €0 and €15. Customers will be charged whenever they use your design to create a product or when a product of yours sells on the Spreadshirt Marketplace.

Shop-product mark-up

You can set the shop product mark-up for products you sell in your Shop, either in addition to the design price or instead of it.

How to calculate your earnings

Depending on the country of delivery, there will be a VAT surcharge in addition to your design price or the shop product mark-up. This influences your earnings, which is illustrated here by way of example for Germany, Switzerland and Sweden:

VAT in the country of delivery DE
Price Men’s T-shirt €13,99 €13,99 €13,99
Printing costs € 4.50 € 4.50 € 4.50
Design price € 3.00 € 3.00 € 3.00
Final price (incl. VAT) € 21.49 € 21.49 € 21.49
Final net price € 18.06 € 21.49 € 17.19
VAT (on sales) € 3.43 € 0.00 € 4.30
↳ VAT component of design price € 0.48 € 0.00 € 0.60
Your earnings (excl. VAT)* € 2.52 € 3.00 € 2.40

* Your earnings are in principal subject to VAT. Proceeds need to be declared to the respective tax authority. For more information, please refer to Taxation of your earnings.

Don’t forget: You can only make money with your designs if you set a price for your design or a markup for a shop product. The settings can be changed in the detailed view of your design or product.

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