2 design on my product


I’ve imported some design, and i would like to put 1 on the front and 1 other on the back of the sweat how can i make that ?


This is currently not possible. You can only create products with one design in one print area.

For when will be available the function of being able to put two designs?

Unfortunately it’s too early to tell. Well keep you guys updated but at the moment, we have no additional details about the future of this feature…

Hello Sara. I had the same question as above. I want to use 2 designs on a product, for example one at the front and one at the back. You say that it’s not available for now, but in the Netherlands we have Kakhiel and they also have a Spreadshirt shop. They managed to sell one t-shirt with text on the front and on the back.

Could you explain how it could be that they managed to do it, but we here can’t do it.

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Of course! I apologise, this can easily get a little confusing. So yes, there are old legacy accounts that use our old system that allow multiple print areas. Which explains the shops you have seen.

For the current accounts, we unfortunately have not introduced this feature yet and currently the future of this feature is unclear.

Thanks Sara. That explains it all! I hope that you guys will introduce this feature soon for the new accounts. Would be amazing! I think many designers want to use multiple designs on one object.


Happy to help :v:

And yeah, for sure - I totally get it. Personally, I’d love that feature, too! It would provide so many new possibilities for our Shop Owners. But alas, we’ll see what will happen.

I’ll pass your feedback forward to the responsible teams, let’s hope this will come!

Why would you completely disable the old system for new accounts when such a basic feature is still missing? It’s not like you’re in a rush, right? Seems odd that you wouldn’t finish this first.

Right now with this, combined with the lack of color restrictions for readability, combined with the annoying requirement of setting up an entire spreadshop with masthead/impressum just to be able to have a fixed merchandise design, it’s kind of hard to defend Spreadshirt as a reasonable choice for newcomers who want to create more merch-like items, where e.g. back & front being both specified consistent and consistent restrictive color choices are super important. (Shirtee offers all those things easily. Why can’t you? Just because you inexplicably felt the need to rush out an unfinished system? This seems to be a way more established vendor, so I’m just a bit stumped you’d skip over such basic things)

Great questions!!!

Also, I apologise already in advance for getting all tech-talk :wink: Buuuut, while it seems “basic”, it’s actually a very complex feature to develop and introduce, requiring significant time and manpower. Originally, it was not included as a part of the minimum viable product as our research found that - at least at the time - the feature was used by only a small handful of partners and it did not justify the effort & cost of developing it and delaying the release of the whole product.

The tide & trend may have changed now and as I said - we are looking into it.

To your next points:

Here I’m a little confused but also super intrigued. First of all, you can disable the header image / masthead of your shop and the Impressum is generated by us with the exception of your contact details. Secondly, could you tell me a bit more about what you’re trying to do, if not set up a (Spread)shop? Like what kind of a setup / use case is your goal? You give Shirtee as an example, could you link to a concrete example of your ideal result?

The problem isn’t filling in a form, but that having a masthead/impressum requires having a business address, which for some people can mean they need to rent one just for that purpose which is a time-consuming and costly measure. For you as a company that might seem trivial, but for a single person that isn’t doing much selling, this can actually be a big issue. (Unless they don’t mind slapping their home address onto the internet, but not being concerned about that is quite naive.) I don’t understand how that is hard to follow? Or did I misread something and this is not actually required for a spreadshop?

Shirtee simply allows putting designs with 1. front and back (important for complete, fully designed merchandise), 2. restricted colors (important to keep a color scheme consistent with branding for merchandise), 3. without a spreadshop (important as explained above) with absolutely zero effort, and spreadshirt can do none of those things right now, not even one. Not sure how that is confusing?

Please mind your tone, I’m actually trying to help you here and understand the specific problem you have.

Regarding the Impressum: yes, it’s required - by the law. Also, we rarely get contacted by partners who are unable to provide an address - business or personal. So maybe using their home address isn’t such a big deal for most people, as you’d think? :thinking:

Regarding Shirtee and their shops - it seems that in their Beispielshop-Impressum there is a space for the shop owner’s address: https://www.shirtee.com/de/impressum/?shop=4120

If you’re not obliged to fill it in and yet use the shop… I’d say that’s at least in the grey area.

And basically, I just wanted to know if a shop setup is in fact the best solution for you. There are quite a few use cases where one would do better on the Marketplace and a Showroom - and no Impressum is needed. But it depends on your designs and your usecase, if it would fit on the Marketplace. But from your reply it does sound like you are looking for specifically a shop system setup :slight_smile:

Hey Sara,

I was wondering: did you guys fixed the one-design-per-product issue?
I too would like to add one design to the front and another to the back of a t-shirt. It seems that this is possible when I design a shirt through your webshop but not when I want to add said t-shirt to my own shop.


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Heya, unfortunately it’s still not possible. It’s in the back log and I’ll give you guys an update the minute I can share something a bit more concrete than “we’ll see” :smiley:

Sorry I can’t give you better news at this point, but there are other topics that are much more urgent and we have to take care of.

Hello Sara! I understand you might be the contact person here (which I think you are doing a good job with), so no need to be angry at you.
But as am I looking forward to the feature of multiple designs per item. So please dont dismiss the cry-for-help by the creators with this fundamental feature.
Hope You figure it out (start prioritizing it)!
/a swede


Hejssan, I am indeed! :wave:

I’m definitely not dismissing it! The feature request is well known and I will keep you guys updated when I have more info about the plans :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum! Nice to have some other Nordics here haha

:spreadshirt: :spreadshop: !!! Important information !!! :spreadshop: :spreadshirt:

We have confirmation that the feature which will allow multiple print areas (f. ex fron & back) WILL be introduced! More information will follow asap.


Very nice to hear that this is coming! This is a crucial feature to us so that we could start using spreadshirt in our business. Do you have Sara the date when this would be available?

Yeeeehaaaaaaaawwwwww!!! Happy with this great news! Thanks for all the effort Sara… if I was a little younger, I’d ask you to marry me! :joy::rofl:

Unfortunately not yet. But we’ll let you know as soon as we have more information :slight_smile:

@Rock_Biker LOL! :smiley:

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