All designs rejected

Last Weekend, I created over 50 designs and all of them where on the marketplace.But yesterday all these Design where rejected.Reason:Not cropped.But in fast they are all cropped.What can I do?

Please contact and describe your case and also refer to the examples which were rejected for not being cropped. They will help you most definitely. And of course, I want to invite you to our german forum :wink:

They use fake reasons to delete designs then let “others” put the same ones.

What can you do?

Use another site.

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You can contact or to get detailed informations.

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can i request contact whatsapp staff spreadshirt. ??

@Alex-Spreadshirt I have the same issue since days. Over 250 designs were rejected and as I asked wtf is happening in the US design examination, they just replied a standard text as answer with the sentence that its because of the many same designs. What is definitely not right. As I asked again and wanted to explain to them what is happening there was no more reply from them. :rage: In Europe there is no problem with the same designs and I did not change my working rules for the designs.

And my Mom (who is uploading on the US market for long time too) was saying that she has the same problem since the past few days, and she dont know what to do.

@Style-o-Mat I´ll have a look. And get in contact with the respective colleagues.


I phoned them, send 5 mails and showed screenshot like this directly to the verify team. And I always get the answer that they are against the marketplace standards because they are series of designs …

I can’t do shit about this. What you see in my screenshot goes over the next 20 sites. Only a few are randomly accepted. As a example I uploaded darts designs and only the one design with a simple silhouette of a darts arrow got accepted while the other ones were much more creative to make it really unique. This example alone shows clearly that there is something not right.

But I am afraid I have to accept that my career on the US marketpace is over now…

If the new marketplace standards answer would be really real this forum would be full of topics about this. It seems so as I am the only one who are get fucked right now. And it is no matter if I upload my designs on one of my other accounts. It happens on all my 3 accounts.


Ok, maybe I got now what the problem was. The problem was hopefully that the used keywords were not all right because I had a issue with my publishing tool. It didnt changed the automatic created keywords from spreadshirt with my own keywords I had written for them. I really hope that the designs im actally publish will now be accepted.

But I have to say that your US support is really terrible. I mean really bad. If this was the problem I had, then at least someone from the support could have sayed that to me after I asked 5 times per mail and phoned them as well.

By the way: Is there still an email, when designs are rejected or is it only communicated via the note in the design management?

Ahoy @Style-o-Mat,

I have looked at your account and noticed that you indeed upload a lot of very simple motifs in slight variations and in different color variations.
I can understand the decision of our colleagues. Also your motives shown in the screenshot do not reflect the majority of your uploads.
Mistakes can always happen in the check with the large amount of uploads everyday, but in your case it doesn’t look like that. All motives which are marked as rejected are already multiple times in your account. If your designs are rejected, please take a serious look at the reason and don’t try to make an unfounded mood against our colleagues.

I can understand that rejections are frustrating, but they are also a way to improve. From the customer’s point of view, it is also an advantage to show as many different designs as possible instead of just a few slightly different ones.
I’m sorry I can’t tell you anything else.

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