Badge for artists NOT using artificial intelligence for designs

Bonjour :slight_smile:
Could we enable something to identify quickly designers using AI programs from the ones actually drawing the art?

I would like to NOT encourage the use of AI, meaning I don’t want to buy it by mistake.
Thank you <3

EDIT: Google is going to label AI-generated images

There’s no way to tell if it’s AI or not.
AI art is not as bad as people making it out to be.

Well, if a robot is stealing a job, it’s indeed not as bad if the job is not your own :wink:

My designs are definitely not AI-generated, and you can tell because I’m not a matte-painting artist at all. I know some artists who would like people to know they spent hours with brushes instead of hours typing keywords.

Some artist say they use AI in their bio. Some don’t.
So maybe “Human-generated”? ^^

How is it stealing a job?
Stuff that I want to design, would takes hours to do. Then take hours to first learn how to do it.
AI is not perfect. So I would still have to fix it afterwards.

:slight_smile: I’ll give you 2 examples:

  • a national theater who was very proud to have the new poster designed for free by an IA (a.k.a. not having to pay a designer for it);
  • a prompt “in the style of [living artist name]” which makes people think the artist did it, then buying it without any money going to that one artist who spent years developing a specific style.

My issue is with people who just take ready-made art and sell it, tricking people into thinking they are the actual designer. This does not seem to be your case :slight_smile:

SO? It is not made yet. The AI is only using their style. Not their art.

I suppose that only an artist with a specific style, being plagiarized by an AI, can understand the problem.
I wish you never have to experience the feeling <3

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