Big sells drop in marketplace


I see a big drop in sales since the beginning of October on the Marketplace. My daily sales are divided by 4 compared to September, whereas usually it increases until December. I think many other vendors are impacted too, given the posts on the forum.

I do see fewer of my products available on the website than before. I do not know when the new version of the partner site and the upload of design is online. It can also be the fact that the cheapest t-shirts are no longer available. But I think the drop in sales is due to recent developments in the Spreadshirt website.

I have my account for a few years and I can not connect to the new partner administration yet:

  • Why this drop in sales?
  • When will I have access to the new administration?
  • When can I expect things to return to normal?

Thank you

Hi @Komrod,
I saw your Thread already in the French Forum unfortunatly we are a bit understaffed so thank you for trying again here in the English Forum.

In the past weeks we had some A/B testing running that might have cause something, that you can see in your dropping sales. On the other hand we have an increasing number of new designers on our platform so the share for every designer gets smaller.

Right now we are in the discussion of how we migrate partners with older accounts to new accounts /administration. You will be informed about that via Partner Newsletter.

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Not the usual October uplift that’s for sure…

Maybe your designs have been copied by some shady accounts, and spreadshirt shows them instead of yours. As it happened to me.


16/10/2017 -605,69 €
16/10/2018 -541,29 €
This year !!!
15/10/2019 -109,03 €

A lot of reasons some designers have the luck to be in the first result pages even if the tag doesn’t match, some have displayed several time with the same design.
I have already asked spreadshirt why ?
The answers are always the same: We don’t communicate about the search engine, and change the name, descriptions and tags and use the more letters you can.
It’s what I have don, and it’s a full time job since the beginning of september (more than 1000 designs with 2 accounts)
Results ? I’m mostly never before page 7 of the results.
An exemple, every year for Oktoberfest I was used to sell a lot of this T-shirt (20 or more);

Try to find it on the search engine with the tag “oktoberfest”… I stopped searching at the page 25.
But you’ll see several times the same design or the same designer… Why? What have they done to get the first places ?

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