Customising vector design colours for the SAME product

I have recently (this week) been moved over to the new partner area. I’m still working things out.

I can see it’s still possible to customise specific colours for vector-based designs, however this now seems to basically set “as default” for all colours within that product type.

It was previously possible using the old system to select vector colours that worked well on say, a red premium t-shirt, but then alter to work better for the blue premium t-shirt. Under the new system this doesn’t seem to be possible, as changing one, changes for all options within that group.

Is there something I’m missing? Is there any plan to add this feature back?

Dan Bale

Indeed, this isn’t possible any longer. You need to upload the vector design a second time if you want to have it in another color combination. Or you trust your customers to adapt the colors themselves.

Thanks, Lena.

I find this a bit weird, as it’s quite a step backwards in my opinion. I understand that customers can still create their own colour combinations, which is good, but I really think the artist is the best person to curate their vision in this way…

Uploading the same design multiple times seems to me to be a clunky way of working around this (and creating unnecessary double-ups of the same design/s on your servers)? I even remember reading, albeit some time ago that Spreadshirt was against multiple uploads of the same/very similar designs…


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How can I choose a different vector color for different T-Shirt color? Now if I upload a vector logo and I change color, this is the same for all the category of T-Shirts. For example: If I upload a black logo and I make it red in the Men T-Shirts category, all the T-Shirts will be with the red logo. I need to change the color of the logo for each shirt as before.
Is this possible?


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