Dashed lines not showing

Hi, I am not sure what is happening with my design. If I use only solid lines I can upload it without any problems, but I want one of the lines to be dashed. If I try this, the file either fails to upload or it uploads but the dashed line is completely missing. Any idea what might be the cause?

Ahoy @User_EU-a843c8cc

are you speaking about a vectorfile?
All details in a vectorfile must be shaped by closed paths/lines. So if you want to show a dashed line, every single dash needs to be a closed shape.
And there is another restriction for the upload as vectorfiles: the smallest elements of your designs must not be smaller than 1.5 millimetres.

You can find our requirements here:

Let me know if this info helped you or if you need further help.

Best Rico

Hi @Rico_Spreadshirt Rico,
Thanks for your help. Yes I’m trying to upload a vector file. It is a closed path, but then I set the stroke style to dashed (using Inkscape).
If every dash needs to be its own shape I might resort to png. That seems like a lot of work. Any tips on ways to create dashed lines in a vector files without doing every single dash separately?

There must be just some converting line to path function in inkscape - you dont need to create every dash by yourown.

In Adobe Illustrator it is called: “Expand”

But you can also of course save as png file to avoid this issue.

Best Rico