Delayed sales notification

Hi,this is Bob04 from NA marketplace, I wanted to talk about a simple problem here ,it is common for me and it happend sometimes in my NA account and it is the delayed notification of sales.Today when i opened my account to check some notifications I have found that I have got a sale on 11 august that I didn’t know about it and the problem here it did not appeared in the deashboard or in the statistic sales or even in spreadapp in 11 august until now 14 august . I need an explation for this issue and thank you .
Best luck.

@Rico_Spreadshirt Can I have an explanation about this topic ?

Ahoy @bob04,

do you mean the push-message? Or what kind of notification do you mean?

@Rico_Spreadshirt No, the deashboard .Sometimes The design is rejected and sale appears

@Rico_Spreadshirt the graph