Delivery Costs


In Sep 2018 - a topic was started and answered about the difference in delivery costs between a partner shop and the market place. The answer provided was difference in pricing structure between different departments within the company. But it also said that this was likely to be a temporary difference, we’re now in 2020 and there is still a large difference between the two delivery costs.

I am asking whether delivery costs from partner stores will go down in the foreseeable future as they are quite expensive when compared not only to spreadshop’s own market place but also other companies offering similar services.

I would be nice to at the very least see the delivery costs come equal, or offer flat delivery rates that could then be included in product price and marketed to the customer as free delivery.

It is the one and only gripe I have with Spreadshirt is the cost of delivery from a partner store causes the individual product cost to sore and poses a high chance of turning customers away.

Many Thanks