Difficulty using the new platform - help!

I am very confused by the new partner platform. First questions:

  1. I had probably 30+ products in my account before, some of them were published in my shop and many were not active. Where can I locate these in the new platform? There is a tab for graphics, but none for my products - confusing!? if I wanted to delete, modify, rename or publish/unpublish a product, where should I look?

  2. I want to create a new product that has the same graphic on both the front and back. The only way I could figure out to create a product was going to graphics and choosing to create a new product with it. Now, I’m in the new designer and the graphic by default shows up on the front. I am able to drag and move it between the front and back, but I can’t see an option to add another graphic / the same graphic again. How do I do this?

Please click on the design, and thenon Edit Product Selection

Then you can either delete products by clicking on the x on the top left or add products in clicking Edit product selection again

To rename and modify your design name (you cannot any longer modify product names) just click on Edit behind the name

You need to upload the design twice to do this. Please follow this tutorial:

So I am no longer able to edit my products as products, they are integrated into “designs”. I feel like this is a HUGE step backwards and makes it a lot more difficult to manage your products.

Having to upload a design twice is further proof that the system and new designer interface is flawed.

if I understood correctly, Spreadshirt just went ahead and removed all existing products that were not published in a store? I had dozens of these, some were intended for my team’s own use so that I could reorder them without having to publish them in my store. Others were kept for future uses, as templates etc. Not being able to access these anymore sucks.

I honestly don’t know who benefits from this but personally, I am looking for a new service provider after this fiasco.

Would be curious to hear if other shopkeepers are actually happy with this “improvement”.

We did contact you first in March about this change. The new system allows you to create multiple products at the same time, have a way more detailed statistics and there are plenty more features that were not present in the legacy user area.

You only have to upload a deisgn twice if you use the same design in the front and in the back - a usecase that according to our data is extremely low. I’m sorry if in your case this is your primary usecase - I’m sure you’ll get used to the partner area quickly. Just give it a chance :slight_smile: