Earnings says $0 on an order

Usually my earnings show up as soon as an order is placed. Yesterday I got my a biggest order yet I believe, however when I received the email it said that I’ll be receiving $0 from it. Am I missing something? It’s a little concerning because I don’t think it would make sense for me to be earning $0 on my biggest order.

I would appreciate some help with this,


Ahoy @Leen,

You have placed this order from your account. If you place an order from your account, the commission is deducted - the order value is therefore lower by the missing commission.
Why is that? Normally, only the account holder orders from his own account when he is logged in. It would be unnecessary for him to pay his own commission first, which he then receives back from us later - possibly even with tax deductions. For this reason, the commission is immediately deducted from orders from an account, so that the account holders get their own products at a lower price than normal customers.
In your case, the order in question was placed via your account - either by yourself or you gave someone the access data for your account. This is not how it should normally be. It is also possible that you simply placed the order from your notebook while you were logged in.
Your customers should order normally from a separate computer in your shop, not from your account.
To get the commission, you would have to cancel the current order and ask the customer to order again, but of course the price would be a bit higher because the commission would be included.

I hope this explains it.

Best Rico


I did give my own device to a family member to order. I didn’t realize that it was my link, I’ll make sure not to do that in the future since I know why now. Thank you for explaining!

Just share your shoplink next time: https://artbyleenn.myspreadshop.com/
and make sure, that you are not logged in on that device.

Best Rico