Embedded shop script appears to right of page


After launching my shop, all was fine.

But today I notice the shop code embedded into my website page is aligned to the right and off-centre.


password: shop

I have made no changes to the code at all.

Can someone help with this to get it back in the centre?


This has been fixed today - thanks for letting us know and sorry for the inconvenience.

There is another bug, visitors are NOT able to select language/country in the footer of an embedded shop. (eventhough mutli-language is set) Check: http://www.rock-biker.nl/index.php/webshop

This is not a bug, but intended behaviour as the language selection feature is not supported for Javascript-integrated shops.

This can be solved via an iframe, but we do not recommend it. (As mentioned in this thread, sorry - in German though: Sprache nicht wählbar )

Welcome to the forum! Hope to see you here often :slight_smile:

I’m having a similar language problem. I’ve currently got a web developer building a site for me and when they use the integrated shop it is in German when the shop is set to UK and English. The site is currently on a dev server so I can’t post links unfortunately.

Could you elaborate a little what you mean with:

Where have you set this? On which domain have you created your shop?

I have shops on both the .com and .co.uk domains. The .com is set to English and $ in the partner shop dashboard and displays correctly. The .co.uk is set to English and ÂŁ but is displaying on our test server in German and Euro

Alright, first of all - sorry to leave you hanging! We’ve been a little low on the manpower this week and it shows here on the forum…

Regarding your issue - ok that doesn’t seem correct. Obviously. Could you send me your shop link / shop ID and maybe a screenshot?

The more info I have from the get-go, the easier can I get help from our devs :slight_smile: