Error on .AI file upload


Somehow I have a weird issue when I’m trying to upload my logo.

When I remove the text from the .AI file it works. But when I add the text it doesn’t work.

you can download the logo here

Ahoy @Chickenwar,

You probably did not convert the text into curves/paths.
Unfortunatly I have no access to check your file.

Best Rico

Hey @Rico_Spreadshirt ,

All the text are curves. Link should work now :slight_smile:

I would recommend to convert your design into a png-file as even without text the file is not converted correctly after the upload.
With uploading a ng-file you wont have any issues with the upload.

Best Rico

@Rico_Spreadshirt thats very strange, i`m trying to upload in the SPOD designer. I want to use Flex print for a nice result. I ordered before with the same design file at Teamshirts without any problems.

The Issue is not about the Font itself but ablut the size of your Design. In that moment you add the Font at the bottom of your design, the designsize rises and at the same time the details get to small compared to the designsize - so the vectorfile wont work anymore for flexprint.
You could try to place the font somwhere in the middle of your design instead of the bottom of it so the size wont change.
Then it should work.

Best Rico