Feature request: Delete all products

I would like to be able to delete all products from a published design, without having to delete the design itself.

(Why can’t we post feature requests in the “Feature requests” area of the forum? (The “new topic” button is greyed out.))

Could you give some more explanations on why you would want to delete all the products “attached” to a design but not the design itself?

Mostly because the migration messed up so many of my products. It will take forever to fix all of them and I don’t want my shops to look bad meanwhile. But also because I have designs I just want to offer at certain times like holidays or when a customer specifically asks for it.


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You can only post there after a certain time and gained a certain trust level :slight_smile: Or we just move it to the Feature Request thread (like I did) :slight_smile:

You can just unpublish a design, it has the same effect :slight_smile:

I have already explained that the editing products and not-being-able-to-save-it-afterwards-bug will be looked into these coming days and weeks :slight_smile:

Ok, hopefully I’m there soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

It takes a lot of clicks to go in on each and every design to unpublish them. Is there an easier way to unpublish many at once?

Not sure what that has to do with it. :thinking: Bug or no bug, it will take a long time to fix all those products.

…although that bug is extremely annoying.

Yes, you can select them all on the top left > click on Sales Channels > Choose Sales Channel and click Remove

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