Forcing Flex instead of digital print method

Hey, as I understand digital printing is standart and pre=chosen method for all the prints.

I know my designs would look much better when done with flex printing and that they would give off feel I want to achieve.

How can I make all my prints be done in flex? I use vector graphics, single colour.


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spreatshirt is getting more and more useless, the old shops were perfect. today many options have disappeared … it has become tedious, customer service is at the end of the world, the service partner does not respond to emails and even the forum remains unanswered! it’s crazy… don’t understand because this website was fabulous in 2015/2016 …

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Ahoy @Vinsalow_Creations and @Soyboy,

Sorry for the late answer. I can understand that saying goodbye to flex printing is difficult. Information why we want to print more DD in the future can be found here:

and here:

I hope this answers at least some of your questions.

Answering with YES or NO will be simpler.
So is it possible to pass our stores in FLEX please?

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Unfortunately, no.
However, we attach great importance to high quality and the further development in digital direct printing.

But in the guide you say this is still possible.
Anyone say different things.

Ahoy @GabrieLoui,

for you as a partner it is not possible to set the printing method in your partnerarea. When a customer on our marketplace buys your design on a product it will always be printed with DD if possible. If the specific product only allows flexprint - then its printed with flex (but only if the design was uploaded as a vectorfile)

In the “Create your own” Section the customer still has the choice between flex and print if the design is a vectorfile.

Why a consumer who visit my collection on Spreadshirt Marketplace should go then in “Create your own”.
Me as designer know if my design is best with flex or DD not the consumer who, moreover, cannot choose it even in my collections.
This is ridiculous.

Many of my clients have complained to the print quality about DD and sent clothing back or said they won’t buy anything anymore. This is why I’m writing it doesn’t seem a good advertisement to me but even for you. Since I created my brand and my design I should take care of the satisfaction of my buyers and also you in my opinion. So if I upload a logo in one color and in vector and you print it white on black in DD and not in Flex in my opinion you are not choosing the best result but you are largely not giving a damn! And you are making a bad impression on the buyers and you are also making the designers look bad with the buyers. I remind you that the designers have relied on you and making them look bad is not nice.