Getting a logo created as a Vector file?

I have someone designing a logo for me.

As there’s no option to create a vector file in Canva [that I use] - is it a good idea to ask the logo person to deliver the logo as a vector file?

And if I use spreadshirts ‘Text’/‘fonts’ - inside it’s design process… will that all be automatically in the best format [Vector Files]?

All new to me, I’ve just been told that Vector Files give the best quality and so want to make sure I do everything the best way I can.

Thanks for any help… or abuse [for the simpleton question]… xx

Ahoy @User_EU-5195a09e,

you mixed up several topics - but dont worry. I will try to explain:

First thing I need to know is: Do you want to sell designs on spreadshirt and your’re asking from a partnerperspective? Or do you want to buy something from spreadshirt and you’re asking from a customer perspective?

If you want to sell something, you need to create an account at spreadshirt here:

I assume, however, that your aim is to buy a product on spreadshirt cause you talked about the integrated text/font-function which is only available for customers in the create your own section.

Now to your question about vector graphics or not:
Please watch the short videos on the following site:
Vectorfiles are only relevant for the Flexprint. With flexprint up to 3 different colorfoils will be printed on your shirt/product but the colorpalette is limited to 3 colors and also the details have a minimumlimit.

With Digital Direct Print you can almost print everything and its very similar to a normal office printing result.

So you cant just say that flexprint is a better quality. The results are very different and it depends on what you want to get.

In your case I would suggest not to worry too much abour vectorfile or not. You will probably be totally fine with DD (pixelfiles).

Please let me know if you have further questions.


Thanks for the reply

I was 100% talking about selling Merch, and not buying

I thought - I would put a logo on, and I thought there was a way to write text onto T-shirts directly in the software/shop.

If not - then I guess I could get the logo made into a vector file - but then I am stuck in regards to any text/ideas I have.

Maybe I can get someone to design the text [design other than the logo] and put into that the stipulation it needs to be a vector file.

My feeling is that the designs may need to be flexible - as they could be on t-shirts … or / and other items and so need to be different sizes…

Right, sorry I wasn’t clear

I thought this forum was just for sellers.

Thanks again xx

Ahoy @User_EU-5195a09e,

you’re right this forum is mainly adressed to sellers but from time to time there are also questions from a customer perspective and I didn’t know exactly from which point of view you were writing.

Like I mentioned in the post before - if you are a seller you have to create an account to get to your partnerarea. There you only have the possibility to upload your designs - there is no designcreationtool.
Therefore you have to create your logo-text-combinations before, save each design as a single file and upload each into your partnerarea.

Creating vectorfiles isnt easy for newbies and the quality of DD is as good as with flex. The feel is different because with DD ink is printed directly onto the shirt, whereas with flex a foil (or up to 3 layers of foils) is applied with pressure and heat.

If by flexibility you mean that you want the shirt to be more stretchy and elastic, then I would definitely advise you to go for the DD print (pixelfiles). When you pull flex print, the films can tear.

If you really want to see and feel the differece between Flex (with vectorfiles) and DD-Print (with pixelfiles) then you could order 2 testshirts with the same design but different printmethods via the Create your Own Section.

Hey thanks again

No by flexible I meant, the design could be small for [I’m making up examples to explain] a pair of socks, and large for a bed sheet. So with Vector [I believe] the quality will be the same. With DD it won’t [between the two].

I also have watched a lot of videos about Merch vendors like this, and think I saw some where the person puts in text, and it appears on the T-Shirt. So I thought that was within the client. Clearly not.

Cool… so maybe I will get the logo as Vector… and then get artists to design always in vector. If I understand correctly, it’s ‘easy’ to convert Vector to raster [spelling] files… but not easy the other way around… so I think Vector may be the best solution

Also - from the sounds of it - Vector printed T-Shirts will look a little more professional… slightly less ‘home made’

Thanks and once again thanks for being patient for my newbie questions

Oh… I think I have signed up for an account, I stopped straight away - as I need to work on the designs and have a couple of other parts to my long term project - that need to be done first… so it’s all about getting my ducks in a row

Best wishes x

I’m happy that I can help you. Dont get me wrong - I don’t want to talk you out of vector files. I just want to make sure that you know the differences and that there is no good or bad in the decission of vector or pixelfile.

If you upload a pixelfile with more than 4000x4000pixels the quality will be best on all of our printareas.

So have a nice weekend.