Hexa color code to use in Placeit


Is it possible to get an overview of the Hexa Colorcodes of all premium t-shirts? (male and female)
Or is it possible to show this in the admin’s designs section?

I use Placeit for marketingimages and it’s possible to enter a colorcode on Placeit… to get the exact right color for the shirts.

Kind regards, Arie

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We´d need to check if there are HEX color codes available.
But for in between…

  • if using Mac, look up the Utilities folder. there´s a color picker app preinstalled (Digital Color Meter)
  • or get yourself one by the help of google
  • open the Product Range page and choose the product you wish
  • use the Color Pipette / your Colormeter to get the RGB values from the color palette below the product image
  • use a RGB to HEX calculator


In common, these colors are defined to be suitable for most screens. You know the issue. Every screen, every image processing software comes with a pre set up of color scheme. You will probably never reach a 100% accuracy. But I guess with that method you will find something that meets your requirements.



Hope that’s not off topic but since it’s realated to colors, here’s another request. Feel free to (re)move the post.

It would be awesome if the design-color options for svgs would include the exact color-code of the shirts. Sometimes it looks a little awkward if eg on a red-sleeved shirt the design is a slightly different shade of red.

Kind regards

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Will forward this request!