How to set categories

I’ve had a shop for a while but I’m rebuilding it now, I’m integrating into wordpress so I need to arrange all my products into categories (they weren’t in a spreadshirt category before as I just had each individual product ont’s own iframed page). now I’d like to use the API I need to use shortcodes in Wordpress to display the relevant category however I can’t seem to edit the category on my products in the Spreadshirt backend.

Is there a way to add products to a particular category?

You are using the WP-Spreadplugin? May I ask you when did you create you account?

Hi, I just installed the WP-Spreadplugin today to test it, I’ve had spreadshirt for a while though

Depending on the user area you have, you have a section called “My topics” under “Product list” when you’re in your “Shop settings”:

There you can configure the custom categories. If not, then you’ve got the new user area, where the “WP-Spreadplugin” doesn’t work yet, because it can’t display products of the new user area.

Categories / Collections is a feature that will be available for new partner area partners in the next few months. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Thanks, looks like I have My topics which lists the categories but donesn’t seem to let you edit them. I has a link to edit individual products but each just has ‘No Category’ in plain text (i.e. not a link to edit anything). I presume I’m on the new user area?

Any news yet, on when we’re likely to see this?

With Christmas just around the corner, this is one time of the year when I especially miss being able to use categories. On all the other POD sites I sell on, I can group all my festive themed designs into a ‘Christmas’ category and then, for my shameless self-promotion on Twitter and Instagram, link directly to that category.

On Spreadshirt, my Christmas themed designs are scattered throughout my shop as I’ve added to them bit by bit over the space of a few years.

That´s what we call “Topics” -

You´ll find that function at the “Page Settings” - Area -> “Topics”

We´re currently looking into some optimizations to create simplier entry points for your customers, seeking for topic based collections.

You beat me to it!

Looking round my shop settings, I just found that I had previously divided my designs into ‘Topics’, so it’s all good. I must have forgotten I’d done it because I was looking for a setting called ‘Categories’.

:smiley: There`s such days…
no problem!