I cant finally start to put my uploaded designs on the marketplace


after I uploaded my designs I can’t put them online on the marketplace because when I press create on the page where I choose my title and so on I get a window where I have to agree with the terms to confirm my adress data. But when I complete that window and want to confirm it a error message is showing up: ‘We’re sorry; an error has occurred.’

What can I do about this?

I forwarded this issue to our colleagues and they cant reproduce it. Does the error still appears and if yes - on which account?

Hello, yes, the error still appears. The account username is ‘Motiv-Lady’

Ahoi @Style-o-Mat,

the bug should be fixed now. I was a little bit confused because you ment the Account on the .com-platform and you have an account with the same name on the EU-platform as well.
Let me know if there are any more issues.

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Thank you. But now I have a new issue on this account. When I try to click the arrow to publish a design the page is only reloading and I dont get to the fist products creation page to start the publishing of a design.

We are on it. Thank you for your patience.

Ich habe auch seit heute ein Problem auf der com Seite… ich kann keine neuen Produkte erstellen… er springt immer auf die Design Seite zurück.

Bug was fixed. Everything should work again.

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TY :slight_smile:

Ja… geht wieder :-)… thank you :slight_smile: