I cant verify my address and want to launch my shop


I am trying to launch my shop but I cant without verifying my address which I apparently cannot do. Is there anything that can be done? I had a date of tomorrow to launch and this is pretty devastating for me!

Thank a lot guys

Hey there!
What exactly is blocking you from verifying your adress? Have you checked for typos or a missing information?

Adress verification problems can mostly be solved by contacting our friendly partner service via phone or email. https://www.spreadshop.com/contact

If you have other questions regarding your shop, feel free to come over to our spreadshop forum

Hey Thom,

My address is complicated and the format on the website is confusing for British addresses that dont fit the number > street> city format.

I really need a shop open today if at all possible man would there be any solution at all?

Kind regards