I have an ordering deadline and my image gets rejected

I have a deadline for ordering which I have to stick to. I have two more hours to do that.
My images get rejected even though I’ve followed every single piece of advice.
It’s PNG, transparent, over 200dpi, max 4000 px and so on. When I upload it to use it, it tells me it can’t be used on that printing area. It’s not copyrighted to anyone other than me, I designed it myself. Help!

Ahoy @User_EU-70fb2c44,

it sounds like you want to print on a print area that only allows vector graphics. A few products can be printed exclusively with Flexprint. This requires a vector file. A PNG file is not a vector graphic.
But this is just my guess based on your statement. Do you have a screenshot and a product name? Then I can possibly tell you with certainty.

Best Rico

Thanks ) I’ll make them in vector format

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