I have uploaded 50 designs, now what?

Billywagon here, I have uploaded 50 original designs, so what happens next? Sorry but I do not understand the concept of spreadshirt, why aren’t my designs showing on the marketplace? Most of them are original based upon my own painting and printmaking.

Before they can be sold on the marketplace, they have to be checked by the Spreadshirt Legal Team, if you are new on Spreadshirt.

Thanks for the answer. As I am a Starter, could you please tell me if uploading 50 Artworks is allowed? I read somewhere that starters are only supposed to load 10? thanks

It’s a difference between uploading and publishing. As far as I know the publishing limit (marketplace) for starters is up to 10. More should be impossible.

Yes, thanks, based on what I read, I agree but I just wish there was more transparency when it comes to these platforms. Whatever programming or algorithms they depend upon, there are still human beings behind it all.