I need 0.04 euros more to payback!

Hi! I need 0.04 euros more to get my first payback. I am so small seller and everything I’ve sold are clothes our family bought. And now I have 9.96 euros. And I will never get anything sold so I will forever have 9.96 euros on there!!! So like cant I just get that 0.04 euros forgiven and get that payback?! And I sold one shirt without money given for mine like?! Why I dont get money from one shirt?!

someone help!! If I dont get 0.04 euros forgiven, I will stop selling in this shop because I will never get anyone to buy my clothes. I am streamer with 121 followers so I will never get anyone to buy anything.

Hi @DKEcho,

you have to reach the minimum balance and then the payout will be settled on a monthly basis. For more information see this article:

Best regards, Sandra