Images help needed

Is there a way to put more than one image on things. As I need to put image and then add other bits.

Yes, just add another image. Make sure all images print with the same print technique: flex with flex and direct print with direct print.

You can’t print flex on direct print and vice versa.

I cannot see the option to add another photo onto something I already have a photo on, As in jumper I have a front logo but also want to add things to the back. How do I do this please. Im using the partner part of website to create my shop.

Just click on another image and it will add another one.

To add to the back choose the back first, then click on an image. The list of available print areas is right above the shirt color.

There is no thing allowing me to add another photo on the back, I have one on front and need 2nd photo on back that is not the same as the front

Now you have to click on ““choose design”” again (Icon with the Image and design underneath). Sorry, haven’t been in this version of the designer tool for a while.

That’s not working just opens up a new design to put on a product not letting me add it to the current product. Is there another way to make the designs and add to my shop. As you said you haven’t used this part in a long time. Am I in the wrong thing? I just want to add two images to the one product

Sorry, I’m still working in the old admin area, so I can’t say whether this a bug or a feature. write a mail to the support. At least if I’m in the marketplace designer it work as described,

You could use the marketplace designer, save it and use the saved product as template, this way you have the design on both side. I should work until the support can fix the bug, at least I suppose it is a bug, since the marketplace design tool allows for designs back and front.

Do you have a link you can send so I can use the old one. That way I can start building. I have sent an email off so fingers crossed they get back soon

www dot spreadshirt dot de/userarea/meine-produkte-C2344
www dot spreadshirt dot de/userarea/meine-produkte-C2344/create/product/designId/{DESIGN-ID}/focus/all

These should be the same links you have.

Yes there the same as me but still bringing up the new layout without the option. Thank you for your help. Hopefully someone will get back from support soon.

As far as I know you can’t put images on several sides on a product in the new partner area. They want to change it some day in the future, but it doesn’t have priority.
Here is an English thread I found in the old forum:

@johnboy201 have you tried to use the marketplace designer, save it and re-open the saved marketplace product in the admin area as a template? This might be a successful workaround.

Hi @johnboy201 you are using the new partner area (and @YASH2 is using the old user area) which is why you cannot add multiple design to a product. This is no longer possible in the new partner area. The one thing you can do is to merge multiple designs into one design and upload it. For which product would you like to have several designs?

He wants to put one on the front and one on the back. Merging doesn’t help in this case since he has two different print areas.

Right, so multiple print areas (having a design on the front and on the back or on the front and on a sleeve) will be implemented next year. For now this is not possible but will be so in 2018 (exact timing is not defined yet).

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Hello, Ye I got an email saying it is not possible so unfortunately I have to go else were as it’s no good if I cant get print on front and back. Bit of a shame as I liked the setup here and the products but rather useless if it can’t print front and back. Next year is to far away as need this up and running now with over 250K fans looking to buy asap! Sorry Spreadshirt you lost me as a partner unfortunately as you say you can’t activate the old user area for me.

Yup - same with me. I used spreadshirt a few years back. Why have they taken away a critical part of the process?

I can’t use them either - pity.

To add insult to injury - I can go to spreadshirt - not login, and happily design a t-shirt with images on front and back.

so, I ask again, why has this basic functionality been removed form the user shops? Bizarre.

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Sorry to hear that @johnboy201 :frowning:

Because believe it or not it was a feature that was not used by many that genereated sales. Most commonly products with one design are bought. Which is why the partner area was first released with this usecase. The next usecase to have designs in several print areas will be coming in 2018. It’s a wait but it will be worth it :seedling: