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No, not really. You are going to lose a lot of users to other shops that provide this basic functionality. I certainly won’t be coming back after going to one of your competitors. But, hey, ho.

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As I said our analysis showed a different result which might be difficult to accept for some.

Well I had to go else where I just my products on sale via another company, been live for 45mins and sold 187 hoodies already. (Printed front and back) just about to add the same design on t-shirts and I’m sure they will sell fast also. In fact as I type this I just sold anther two hodies. So sorry SpreadShirt but next year for something you already offer is awful. I for sure couldn’t wait till next year as the demand was so high I over 250k followers and you have missed out due to stupidity really.

Simple answer they are stupid lol
How they can say they removed it but working on bringing it back is beyond me. It’s already there they just don’t want to activate it

Hey @johnboy201 lets be nice here. I don’t call you stupid so I’d appreciate the same respect from you. Thanks :poodle:

I never called you stupid I called the company stupid so unless your the director it’s not aimed at you. What I said about not doing double sided is stupid when it’s already there and can be done. Your loss not mine. I for one am happy with the company I found that have the option and do it well. Can’t moan I sold over 700 hoodies in one day. Your loss not mine! So he’s my comment stick spreadshirt are stupid

… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

@johnboy201 It looks that way, and I wouldn’t have dropped such a basic function from the first release if it were up to me either, but believe it or not in the large scheme for spreadshirt, one user with one timr 700 hoodies sale is not that big of a deal and might even pale towards the costs to overhaul the complete system, which spreadshirt is doing currently.

So on the surface and from your perspective it looks foolish.

A few things bug me, too, and I moved on from spreadshirt to services that provide the feature spreadshirt lacks, They often seem minor and somewhat neglectable for spreadshirt management but for us partner they matter.

@johnboy201 700 sales - good for you.

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All sagas come to an end :wink: We have confirmation that this feature will be introduced - we’ll keep you updated once there’s more information (f.ex timeline) to share!

Peace! :v:

Still waiting…

We’re testing our prototype this week with our partners :slight_smile: The feature will be released in January/February! We will keep you posted on our blog!

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Any word on this?

Yes please check out this tutorial!