Marketplace designs not internationally published

I’ve sent an email regarding this matter to support, but I do wonder if other people run into this too when publishing designs using the ‘new’ backend.

I have noticed that most of my designs aren’t published internationally, even though they are ‘international’ designs.
On the DE and IT marketplace it are only 83 and on the NL marketplace it are 165.
I know this was one of the bugs when the new backend started, but that should have been solved after like 2 years or so.

Am I doing something wrong when I publish my designs (can’t imagine that, because there’s no checkboxed to check or anything) or is this a bug and does support have to enable this manually for each design that isn’t listed?

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In addition to above. It’s a bug I have reported already in december 2016 to spreadshirt on the forum and via the helpdesk. It’s quite sad to see that nothing has been done to fix this.

Communicated was the following message:
“Designs you publish will be briefly examined for international suitability* by Spreadshirt, then be published automatically and available for sale on all countries of our European platform” and “Designs that are specific to a particular region, i.e. designs that include phrases in a native language, are representative of a local tradition, etc. will not be considered internationally sustainable and will not be published internationally”

But that’s not true. They incidentally get listed on all marketplaces and you do need to manually check each and every design to see if that’s the case.

Sorry for the late reply: we’re a little low on manpower this week. Sorry to leave you hanging.

Could you give me a couple of examples (Design IDs)?

There are actually multiple possibilities for which issues/“bugs” are at play here - by having an example design would let me distinguish between them.

For example: this design “142791514”.

It shows on my NL profile page, but it doesn’t show on my DE profile page.
If I click on the design on the NL profile page and click on it, it shows the product details of it.
If I change .NL to .DE it does show the product details of the design.

However, if I search the marketplace for the design using the design name, it doesn’t show up anywhere on the marketplace. So with the first check it seems all alright, but the design (like many others) doesn’t show up on the profile page AND doesn’t show up on the search results with any keyword.


Uff, already time for a second apology from my side!

Regarding the design example, I have no trouble finding it on DE & NL Marketplace. Can you explain the issue little more in detail, is this still an issue?

Generally: if your design is an “international” design (i.e. does not have text on it) and it’s not published on international marketplaces, the reason is often found in the metadata. The name of the design, description & the tags should be in the original language of your account. If you’re unsure, there’s even a blue box in your account settings when editing design information about which language you should use for the meta data.

If you’re account is originally on and you enter your design metadata f.ex. in English, the automatic translations will fail. The system will try to translate your English metadata “from Dutch” to English. As the text is already in English, there will be no results for the translation and the system won’t green-light your design for international publishing.

Hi Sara,

I’ve sent an email using the spreadshirt contact form to ask for a manual approval of 90 designs.
From the 169 published designs only 79 got through as international. So almost 54% of the published designs are wrongly published: only on NL instead of the international marketplace.Maybe you can get in touch with the design department. I did refer to this topic also, but every help is appreciated.

Anyway, a few months ago I got the advice to use international titles/tags and descriptions. Now you tell me that if a translation fails the system won’t give a green light. But what is the definition of a bad translation? If I have an English saying on my shirt, it just doesn’t make sense to write it down in Dutch. First of all the automatic translation sometimes makes the most terrible translations and people might just search for the english title and not a translated one.
How can I make 100% sure that a title will always pass translation service? For example: If I would use “bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency”, that’s not really something that can be translated to Dutch and then translated back to understandable English.
So how can I get the failure percentage down from 54% to 0%?

Kind regards,

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A well-known problem and unfortunately there are always contrary statements. However, this was only discussed in a German-speaking topic.
I also suggested the option to manually edit the automatically translated keywords and correct it if necessary.

I was told the following in another topic (to get you involved):

  • International designs are automatically released and translated for all marketplaces.
    Usually works so moderately well.

  • If a saying is simply mainly known in English, such as “Keep calm” for example. You don’t write it in your national language, you should write it in English. No matter if you have your account in Germany, Italy, France or the Netherlands. Because everyone is searching for “keep calm” not for the translation


So Sara’s statement is actually totally contrary to what was said in the other topics.:thinking:


I will double check my sources - it’s possible that there has been some misunderstandings here on our side.

Maybe you can get some information on how we should deal with English words/phrases that are never searched for in the national language. So that we don’t have any problems that the design is not published internationally.

I also have a lot of English designs and I’m getting really unsafe :wink:

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Have the same issue. I have 16 designs in marketplace. But when im serchcing in UK only 5 appears. Any way to fix It?

Hey all. I’ve send an email to the ‘design department’ explaining the issue and referred to this topic. They acknowledged that it’s a common problem and they are going to fix my designs manually that weren’t posted internationally (you do need to add a list with designid’s).

I was surprised what they wrote though for what probably is the reason, because they seem to blame the user for it by default:
"To avoid this error in the future, I want to ask you not to edit your designs in the account before they are approved. Probably the mistake was caused by this."
That’s crazy, because I have never edited any of those (90) designs after submitting them… Why should I?

Anyway… I hope it’s solved for now and I do hope to hear from a Spreadshirt representative how to avoid all this trouble in the future.

Still no solution. I’ve been reporting this issue since december 2016.

I’ve published 12 designs last week and only 5 (!!) are published on the international marketplace.

I posted a cry for help on twitter with a public message to the CEO (
Maybe a retweet and more attention will help.

@Sara When will this be handled and solved?

This part refers to the metadata (design name, tags, description.). Of course, if you have not touched your metadata, this knowledge does not help you. However, we also have a Marketplace-specialist on the forum now! So I think @Alex-Spreadshirt is better equipped to answer you :slight_smile:

Hey @19Nowhereman78

can you give me the Designs IDs please. I will have a look. Where those other 7 designs, that where not published international only published to NL marketplace?

Hi @Alex-Spreadshirt ,

Thanks alot for your response.

The numbers are:


I do have another list with 70 (!) other designs that haven’t been published internationally even tough it are universal designs. All I get back from support is ‘try it again’ and ‘you did something wrong’ instead of solving the issue (help the customer) and try to help to fix the problems.

In case to the remark "To avoid this error in the future, I want to ask you not to edit your designs in the account before they are approved. Probably the mistake was caused by this.”

Why would I submit a design and then change meta-data and stuff? Maybe that could have been happened with 1 or 2 designs, but not with those 70 (and the other 7).

Kind regards,

Hi Richard,
so I had a look at your designs and I am assuming something with the translation went wrong. Therefore you can´t find the designs on other Marketplaces. I already addressed the issue but we need to wait for feedback.

I also want to inform you, that there is a public holiday tomorrow so I won´t have any feedback for you this week. :frowning:

Hi @Alex-Spreadshirt and @Sara,

Enjoy the holiday!

Update: I just cross referenced about 218 designs. The good news is that the 70 designs that weren’t published internationally are published internationally now. I reported that about 3-4 weeks ago, but seems to be fixed!

The only designs that are open now are:



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So how am I supposed to tag and describe my local and international designs?

Let’s say I have an international design with English text uploaded to my Swedish account. Should I use English or Swedish tags?

And let’s say I have a local design with a Swedish flag but the text “I love Sweden”. Local customers would probably search for the english text. So should I tag it I “I love Sweden” or " Jag älskar Sverige"?

If you are using English text in your Designs, always use the language of your account (in your case Swedish) for name, description, and tags. It gets auto-translated.

For example “I love Sweden” I would consider this one as well as a design that should be published internationally. This would also be relevant for a broader audience.

No matter if your designs are only for local customers of your country or for an international audience, use the language of the country where your account was registered.

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mijn tag bij de designwedstrijd ‘petcontest’ werd vertaald naar pet test op het engelse platform. Ja zo vind geen hond het ontwerp. Dus heel herkenbaar!