Marketplace designs not internationally published

Thanks for the great chain on here. I’m on the Finnish site, but all of my designs have English text on them, and I would like the names to be visible in English even for the Finnish speaking public (which is very skilled, and it’s a part of my brand). But there’s no way to get this done then?

Mh that´s tricky. Since design description, names and tags are autotranslated, the tool won´t recognize something to be translated once you use english in your finish account. The translation will fail and the designs will not be published internationally but only on your home market in Finnland.

Hi, did you get any solution to this? I’m having the same issue…

I’m having the issue of not being published internationally, even when using only Finnish words.

Hi, I’m not getting published internationally either. Only 3 of 13 designs are available…

.net shop shows all the designs but .fi shop doesn’t. How can I fix this?

Further, if I’d prefer the language version to be individualized with slang and/or dialect, that isn’t possible? E.g. localizing keywords and marketing isn’t possible?

I tried to delete the designs that aren’t visible at my local shop (FI) and then reloading them to see if they appeared and also I wanted to edit the titles of the posts that autotranslate did poorly translating. Now only one design is visible on the local show. I don’t see how I can launch localized marketing when the product don’t end up in the store. Can someone fix this please?

Ahoy @Patpatpatterns

let me explain, what happened. Everything works as it should.

  1. As you created your account on the .net-platform your reference language is set to english. So you have to give all designs a title, description and tags in english.

  2. Our Online-First policy is ONLY valid for the reference-market - so in your case for the english market cause of your english reference-language.

  3. All your designs will be available for all other domains (also for your desired domain fi) AFTER the colleagues checked your design. This can take a while.

  4. When you delete your designs becaus you dont find it on FI - our colleages cant check it lateron and therefore it wont appear on FI.

So to sum it up: just upload your designs on your .net-account, use english tags and wait until the check - so your designs will be published international.

If you want your designs instantly on the FI-Domain then you should have created the account on .fi . But then it will take a while on the other domains.