Moisture wicking performance shirts in black


I’ve noticed that the men’s and women’s moisture wicking performance Tshirts have not been available in black for some time now. Can you advise if or when the black shirts will be available again?

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Ahoy @User_NA-996d8782,

I forwarded your question to the colleagues. I will give you feedback as soon as I have an answer.

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Thank you!

Hey @User_NA-996d8782,

unfortunatly they wont be available any longer. But maybe another product from our sortiment fits your needs?

Thanks for responding. Since I am specifically looking for a black performance (full poly) shirt, no other products fit the bill. I’m settling on another color for now but I had to modify my branding (logo) to suit the limited colors available. I hope Spreadshirt will be able to find another brand for full poly black shirts in the near future. Thanks!