New here and need help


I hope someone can help me understand.

I have a design with a print on the front as well as the back of a T-shirt. I also want to print the name of each person who will wear the t-shirt on the right sleeve. We are 5 people with ofcourse five different names.

So far so good… but here the problems starts.

Why can i not use the front and back print as a template and change names on the sleeve? I can’t find my “template” anywere and the only choice i seem to have is to go to the cart and select one of the t-shirts there but when i change that name it does not create a new item in the basket but rather change the one that was placed there in the first place.

So… to sum it all up:
I want the same print on the front and back for 5 t-shirts but i want different names printed on the right sleeve and i don’t want to creat the same t-shirt over and over and over and over and over again.

Please advice.

Regards / JL

Templates currently do not work with multiple designs on one product. As you can read here: (the last sentence of the blog) we are working on having the template functionality also work in the partner area.