New Product: Face Masks

Ahoy all,

I just want to inform you about our new product - feace masks. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.

I see most of my sold masks on hold for days now, what is happening?

Hello @Dumteez ,

we did not expect such a rush of orders. We had to put the masks on stockout for the weekend to stop the orders for the time being. They will be available again tomorrow, but with longer delivery times.
The orders of your masks are on hold because they are still in edit mode. We hope to have worked through the backlog soon and not get into such a bottleneck again.

I hope this helps to understand the circumstances.
Keep well!

Can you please give us an update on when masks already ordered will start shipping and also when you will have a new supply of masks for people to order.
Many thanks

Hey @Stepney_Rascals,

all customers who ordered between 23.4. and 28.4. received an update email yesterday. All others have received realistic delivery data at the time of ordering.
We will give you an update as soon as the masks can be ordered again.

Dear Designer-Community,

my name is Sandra and I am a new member of the Spreadshirt-Team. Starting today I will support @Rico_Spreadshirt by taking care of all matters regarding the forum. What better way to start than with product news? Our face mask is available again. :blush: Our producer is better positioned now, so we hope not to get into stockout again in the future.

Best regards, Sandra

how much 1package here of that mask? i want to have a mask like mortal kombat hehe :sweat_smile:

Hey @User_NA-053fb136,

please stop sharing your link here. Otherwise we will have to ban you from the forum.
The mentioned mask is available for 4.99$ You will find it on our marketplace with a lots of different designs.

I’ve just received an image from a customer showing his new face mask that he ordered from my shop.

It looks as if the design has been printed as per the template we have been provided with, however the shape of this design is printed on a rectangular item - so there’s a random white space around the edges, especially at the top.

The marketing images on Spreadshirt show edge to edge printing so why is this not happening? Is there a further template to use or are the actual products not as shown on the site?

Ahoy @Cannon_Clobber,

Can you send me some screenshots - also by private message - for a better understanding of the problem?

Hi, a while back I asked if you would be supplying Face coverings for children. Can I just check to see if these are going to be introduced.
kind regards
Stepney Rascals

Been five days, I think it would be quite reasonable to have received an answer by now?
Any news on Face coverings for youngsters? I’m constantly being asked. Please answer :slight_smile:

Hi @Stepney_Rascals,
so far we only have one face mask (ID 1456). As soon as we have more informations we will let you know :+1:.
P.S: Have you taken a look at our Bandanas? They can also be used for youngsters.

Best reagrds,