No earnings on sale

One of my sales shows no earnings but says sent and paid

Ahoy @Sweet_Beat_Store,

Please be aware that the credits will only show up 14 days after the money was successfully transfered.
If this still is not the case plese send me the corresponding Order ID so I can check that for you.

Its Order ID: 16623093

In the list of sales in the account it has the sale price and the earnings. The sale price is there but the earnings show as ÂŁ0.00

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Ahoy @Sweet_Beat_Store,

i had a short look into that order. Seems that there were delivery problems which caused some delay and when the customer finaly got his order he wasn`t satisfied and wanted to change the design cause he ordered a white text on a white shirt.
So the design then was changed and shipped again. But in the end you should get your earning for sure.
I will forward this case. Maybe this back and forth has caused this issue.

Ahoy @Sweet_Beat_Store ,

I’m just now clear on the order you mentioned. It’s a little complicated:
As already written there were delivery problems after the order was set, so the product had to be sent to the customer again after several days.
After the customer had received the product, he was not satisfied with the printing result, as he had ordered a white font on a white shirt, which admittedly was not very clever of the customer either. This resulted in a second customer complaint.
In the end, the customer chose a different design - from another partner.
The order with your design did not go through and should therefore not be displayed in your partner area. Due to all this back and forth, the order is still displayed in your partner area. There is no simple solution for such borderline cases at the moment. But we’re working on it.
I hope this helps to understand the problem.

What does it mean if the label just says “sent”? I wouldn’t think you send out orders that haven’t been paid. I have that on an order from mid September, so by now it should have been credited.

Hey @Shirts_und_Dings,
I will have a look on it.

Hey - I checked your mentioned Order. The customer did not pay yet. He got a first reminder from us but until now there is no answer. We both have to keep calm.

Thank you very much for checking. No panic here - I just wasn’t aware that it’s possible for an order to be shipped but not paid. I thought it only gets produced once it’s paid. Good to know then!

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I have a similar issue here. I had a large sale and I received no earnings from any of the products. Unlike OP, all those products reached the customer and they were paid for fully. There are no return disputes either. Order number is 11885912. I also sent an email to but they have yet to reply. What’s the issue here?

Ahoy @rtzaman56,

I will check that order and can hopefully give you the answer today.

Ahoy @rtzaman56,

you ordered those products yourself/ the person who ordered was loged in in your account. If you buy yourown products and you are loged in to your account you will get no commission because the retailprice is already reduced by the commission.
Did you gave your employees access to your Spreadshirt-account?

Ah I understand. That makes sense. I had ordered these myself. I didn’t realize the retail price is already reduced by the commission. Thank you for answering so quickly!

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