Not finding my designs from the "Find designs or prod..." search box

Hi Guys,

I have set up some images and designs, and placed them for sale on the MarketPlace and also in a shop of my own under my name.

If I’m pretending to be a visitor to, then if I put my name in the “Find designs or prod…” search box near the top of the screen, it doesn’t find the store or the designs under my name - doesn’t find my name at all. Has something changed? I’m sure it used to find my designs when I put my name in this box.


Hi @Marcus_West,
as the describtion in the search box says you can search for designs or products.

It is not longer possible to search for designer or showroom names. This was heavily missused so we switched it off. What you can, you can search for the name of the design or a tag that you used.

Jumping in here, I can’t find mine using a tag either. I’ve used a very specific tag just to allow me to make sure they pop up, amongst some broader, more common ones…but nothing!

I would need more information to find out more. Is there a design ID you could provide?

Alex, here is the ID # for one of my recent designs 1022203077. I’m having the same issue where I cannot find it on I’ve deleted it once completely and then added products a second time. Are you able to follow up on this?
Thank you.

Hi @User_NA-21a5f93b,

for the category “Kids & Baby Clothing” we need to check the designs first before it can go live. Usually our designs are immeditately live after publishing, but especially for kids & baby stuff we need to make sure that only suitable designs are available on it. So you just need a bit patience and it will be hopefully soon live. :slight_smile:


Thank you.