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Hello everyone,

I usually publish my designs on EU marketplace and till yesterday everything was fine. Now every design I try to publish is marked as pending. Even the simplest one with just 3 words!

About a week ago I created an account to publish my designs on US marketplace and at first everything was fine there too, but from yesterday all my designs are marked pending. Even the ones which are accepted on EU marketplace!

What’s going on? Do you have the same problem?


You may find your answers in this post:


Oh, thanks. That explains a lot.

Yes, I also have the same problem for four days

Mine are published now. You just need to wait a few days and probably everything will be fine next week.

Do everyone have the same problem

It is not a problem, it is an intentional limitation for all to reduce workload for SPRD staff.

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Ahoy everyone,

I have already informed you about the latest developments here in the forum. At the same time a newsletter will be released soon, which will again point out these changes.
What exactly has changed, you can read again here:

Someone purchased my shirt and the order status says pending what do I do??

Hey @Robertliquez,

Although the order was set, the customer did not pay yet. You need to wait. If the customer still doesn’t pay we`ll send a reminder and a dunning letter.

My design has been pending since Sept. 28 - is this still normal? Any idea how much longer I need to wait?

Hi @RobertRamsay,

we have a bit of a backlog right now, but it should be checked by the end of today.

Best regards,

Yes i also see my design as pending but no respones from spreadshop kindly tell me how much time required to approved my design.
Regard: Faisal

Ahoy @Faisalaslam,

the checking process can take some days depending on the overall uploadvolumes of all partners.
This can take up to 7 days. In your case also the automatic processes found a possible issue. That is the reason why your design isnt online instantly and must go through the entire verification process before it is online.

yer i have the same problem

Ahoy @rhythm_the_dj,

do you have some designIDs for me to check. I would guess when it is the same issue it is the same answer. But to know for sure I need some DesignIDs.

At this point, if you guys haven’t found an optimal solution to this pending problem by now, I’m afraid to say this website will soon be obsolete. It’s already over a year and we are still having pending issues with designs? I upload my first version of design with ease but every design afterwards is pending, which is absolute garbage. Just approve them already, oh my gosh.

Now my 1st design won’t approve. Looks like I’m moving to Teespring

Ahoy @splice.sama,

like I mentioned in an earlier post - this is not an issue - its a security mechanism.
If your design doesnt appear instantly online in most cases it is probably because there is something risky in it which was detected by our automatic systems. Those risky elements can be designelements within your uploaded design, the name of your design or words and text within your description or in the keywordsection. Those detected design
We know that other competitors are not as strict as we are but on the other hand our system bewares you and us from a warning letter and legal costs.

Best Rico