Print both sides of t-shirt/hoodie


I would like the option to print both sides of my products. It is strange that visitors are given that option (if enabled), but the shopowners can not.

Kind regards, AJ ( )

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Hey hey, this question has also been answered here:

Feel free to use the forum search, a lot of common questions have already been answered here :slight_smile:

But anyway, it’s a relatively complex feature to introduce. It’s in the scope of a current project though so fingers crossed, should still come this quarter.

I am sorry Sara. I am new to the forum and still figuring out how everything works. I will do my best next time…

Kind regards, AJ

Haha no worries - no need to apologise, I didn’t mean to come off as snarky either :slight_smile: Maybe it’s just the end of the week here :wink: You’re more than welcome! I hope you find all the info you need here and if not - we’re here to help!

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PS. Nice shop btw!!!

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Thank you for the nice compliment. There are just a few things I hope to change to make it even better. For one, I’d prefer to show my webshop on the homepage instead of a seperate main menu item. Somehow this seems to be very difficult, unless I use an iframe. But as you mentioned before, you don’t recommend that. (don’t know why though)
Besides that, I really hope so use more languages in the future, as it is somehow set in UK language now. I think that scares away other countries if they can’t select their own country. Besides that, I would like the option to change language also in the header, not only the footer. (preferbly both)

And last but not least… product range, color range and this topic print range (both sides). I am really glad you are working on that, because I think webshopowner should be in control of that. It will makes the shop look more professional.

KInd regards, AJ :sunglasses:

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Oooh, there are quite a few reasons why iframes are not recommended. Firstly, they are pretty bad for SEO and can make bug troubleshooting unnecessarily hard / complicated. They might also bring security risks, which for e-commerce should be taken seriously!

Here’s a quick overview:

And PS. From the other thread, German is also not my native tongue so I tend to prefer English myself :wink: And Dutch I can’t speak at all, sorry :joy:

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:joy::rofl: We will continue in English.

Thank you for the explanation!:wink:

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Hello Sara,

Is there any news to report about:

  1. Product range? (choose single products)
  2. Color range? (eliminate unwanted colors)
  3. Print both sides?

I thought first 2 options would be available for shopowners within Q2, which is almost over.

Kind regards, AJ

Ohh, and an extra question:

I opened your private shop.(DiskoKasko) and I noticed a pop-up at the start if I want to change country from Finland to The Netherlands. Does that also happen when I embed JS to an HTML created website? (JS on landingpage/homepage)

Kind regards, AJ


Check out this thread:

So, a quick recap:

  1. Going great! Release is a tiny bit later than originally planned (beginning of Q3). This is because of an increased number of edge cases - we want to release something that is most useful for as many partners are possible.

  2. Colour restrictions are unfortunately not included in this release, but it will be introduced during Q3.

  3. The future of printing on both sides is atm unclear and unfortunately, I cannot give any additional details about it :frowning:

I’m actually answering questions regarding this in this thread, check it out (I’ll post another answer today):

Thank you for your answer. Do you also know the answer to my other question? Language option pop-up when I embed JS in HTML website. (one page only/ landingpage = webshop)

I added a screenshot of your shop.

Kind regards, AJ

Since you integrated you shop via JS the multi-language option isn’t available in your shop (and therefore the pop-up doesn’t show) --> you’ll find the reasons for this here: Country selector with embedded shop