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Hi everybody
this is my very first post so sorry in advance if I am asking in the wrong place:

I am having trouble because I need to have one image printed on the back and another image printed on the front of my shirts. I just cannot understand how to do that.

Any help will be so much appreciated, thanks in advance


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As far as I know, printing on both sides is not possible.
The only thing you can do is drag & drop the design to the front or back.

Will we be able to add text on one side then?

As a design - yes. But if it’s a text editor in the backend that you are looking for, we don’t unfortunately currently offer this feature. It’s quite often requested though, so I’ll be more than happy to transfer your reuqest to the responsible team. Maybe it’ll make a difference!


Thanks for the quick answer! :slight_smile: being able to add text aswell as design, would be awesome! :slight_smile:

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I like to see that future!
Design on back and front and also deferent designes!

Hope it will come soon

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Thanks for your feedback @DuisTer

Yes, I would like to design on the back and front of the same shirt too!

We will make it happen! This feature WILL BE INTRODUCED ! :spreadshirt: :spreadshop:

Timeline and all other information will follow once we have more details :v:

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That’s great news! Any update on when this feature will be introduced?

Me too, I would like to be able to place a design on both sleeves, the front and the back of some of the shirts.

The prototype is being tested in the next weeks and implementation of this feature is planned for January. We will keep you posted in our newsletter and blog!

+1 for this feature. any news on this? can’t wait to use it!

Current implementation timeline is February. We will let you know in our blog and newsletter!

Ahh great, i actually started a shop to last week, and was struggeling with this…
Now i found the forums, so i might just wait with my shop then :slight_smile:
Thanks for the answer

Happy to help @NCDmoves :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

it is possible to only print the front design on items right?
Because when i apply it i automaticly see it on the background to the same design, im just asking because i have a facebook page with 50.000 members where im goin to put my shop on, does spreadshirt also ship worldwide? Because im from the netherlands.

Hartelijk welkom!

Not sure what you mean here exactly? What do you apply? Can you maybe attach a screenshot of what you are trying to do?

But yes, currently it is only possible to place one design on one print area (you can choose to for example place your design on the back of the product but then you cannot place a second design on the front). The second design option will be coming in february.

Yes we ship worldwide. You can view all the countries we ship to here:

I´m Really looking forward to this feature.
Is there any further information regarding prints on both sides?

As I said two weeks ago…
The option will be made available mid/end february!