Print front & back

Ehmmm…March then? Print on both sides? :rofl:

Last week Lena said thursday or monday. Thursday has past… so probably tomorrow! :crossed_fingers:

Maybe thursday or monday 2020? :thinking:

Just joking. :wink:

Be patient :wink:

Due to the fact that a larger bug was found in our testing environment the release was postponed to tomorrow, Tuesday, March 5th! Thanks for your patience and for your understanding!

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This is now possible:


I found a bug after uploading a product with 2 designs. One images is not showing anymore in the shop. (it did when I only had the front print)

Nevermind, after refreshing the page it came up again…

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Missing images keep occur… also in uploading process…

Another unfriendly feature…

Instead of selecting the one or two products you want… you have to click away the 30 products you DON’T want. A little bit annoying. (that was different before…)

This will get better once we introduce the template fonctionality for more than one print area :slight_smile:

No problem Lena, I understand that. Things will improve over time when something new is launched.

p.s. I’m very happy though… that it is finally there! Great feature!


Alternatively go to “Edit Product” and deselect all in the upper right corner

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I’m sorry to ask it here, but I think the topic is slightly related. So what do you use for adding your prints on the clothes?
I’m interested, if this printer might be used for such kind of printing?

Hello, any updates on this? I need to save templates with more than one print area, otherwise is way too time consuming for our work.


unfortunatly not. It’s still not possible to create a template with more than 1 printareas and currently there are also no plans on that.

I had asked the same question in different forums still solution for that :frowning:

Hey @User_EU-15ebce07,

are you talking about the possibility to create a template with more than 1 printareas or creating a multiple print area object in general?

What is your specific question? I couldnt find any posts of you in the past. Maybe I can help you with some more information.