Problem with graphic

I started on this project about two years ago. I haven’t really been up on it. I am now retired and would like to move forward.
I see the design and there is a problem with it. the design is circular, but there is a white box around it. I would like to delete what is there and start over.
I do I get the design to be circular without the white box around it?

What type of file do you upload? Please use .png for transparency (no background).

Ahoy @nltnme003,

you are probably speaking about a pixelgraphic - so the background needs to be removed with a software like photoshop or gimp. And as @L4wrence already mentioned you need to save as png-file.

Thank You for the information.
I have had some success getting the graphic to show as I like in the 'Spreadshirt" web site.
I am trying to now figure out the difference between “Spreadshirt” and “Spreadship” to set up a store with other products, not just t-shirts, but I keep going in circles.
thanks again.

Hey @nltnme003,

maybe this helps: