Products do not show up in search

Hi, I tried to find similar topics, but could not find it, so starting a new one.

My designs do not show up on the Spreadshirt dot net search:
Ewenicorn is one of my designs and the name is quite unique, so it should give results. See’s+a+rainbow+unicorn+sheep!?idea=5d3a2954e44742505f66a7bb

However all my sales so far are directly through my shop (mainly NL). But people also search the general Spreadshirt site and my products should show up there.

I’ve gone through all settings several times, but can’t find anything enabling my products to be listed. How do I make sure my products are also show up on the general search?
I’m missing out on sales now.


(and no, I don’t want my products in the design tool. I design them and put them at the right size on products, I don’t want people tinkering with my design with additional texts, etc.)

Anybody who can help me? Thanks!

Ahoy @DavidDenOudenGoBaaa,

Within your Partnerarea you have to switch on the marketplace as a point of sale first. You will find this setting right under your shopsymbol in the sidenavigation. I made a screenshot for you.

After you switched on the marketplace in general you are now able to switch it on for every design you want to sell on our marketplace. Instead of doing it ony by one you could also use the bulk-feature to bulk select all the designs you want to sell on our marketplace: Just click on the checkmarks on the upper left corner of each design and a headernavigation will appear. Click on saleschannel and chose the marketplace. That’s it.

One last thing: It is not possible to deselect the “Create Your Own”/Designer Option if you chose the Marketplace as a point of sale. So your designs will also be sold on this channel as well and you will get separate earnings from this side.

Thanks! This worked. :slight_smile: