Promotional Discount Code - Design price based


I totally understand why we can’t create discount codes ourselves.

However it would be really useful if we could get a special remove design price discount code we could give out to certain people.

This code will only remove the design price which is what happens if we login as the shop owner and buy etc. You guys are not loosing out on revenue, only us as the shop owner.

A product would be 2 or 3 pounds cheaper than normal. (whatever the design price is we set for that product)

We run a subscription based model and would like to offer our customers a special code they can use in our shop as incentive for sign-up.

Is this something you can consider adding? I think it could be a great addition, each code would be unique to the shop.

I hope someone can help.


many thanks for your request!
I´ve created a feature request from it, so we keep track of similar requests like this one.
The idea is definately something we will look into.


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Awesome, I really hope this comes to light.