Rearrange Designs Within a Topic?

Is it possible to rearrange designs within a ‘Topic’?

I’ve just spent a while setting up my Start Page and featured a few of my more popular Topics at the top of the page. Unfortunately however, the couple of featured designs which are being displayed for each Topic aren’t the strongest ones in that topic, nor the ones I particularly want to showcase.

Is there a way to rearrange the designs within a topic so I could push the best ones to the top? Or, some way to cherry-pick which designs within a Topic I’d like to have displayed first on my Start Page?

EDIT: This also applies to the ‘Design Preview’ section within the Start Page. I can’t see any way to pick what is shown there. At the moment it seems to be displaying the last uploaded designs which, in my case, means there are a load of my Christmas designs showing in that section --which is not going to bring in many sales at this time of year!

Ahoy @madra,

you’re right - currently the designs are sorted by their upload date and a sorting feature is not available yet. We got a lot of partner-feedback with the same ideas and we keep that in mind when it comes to an update of our showroom. But as there are many other projects besides the showroom I cant promise you anything or even give you a release date.
But we collect and document all good ideas that surely will improve our and your performance. So thank you for your feedback.