Retrieve order reports API


this article talks of a “retrieve order reports” API:

I’ve been unable to find any additional documentation or an example of how to use such API.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me.

Many thanks

Hi and welcome,

the bad thing is, the API documentation is reaaaally outdated such 2010’thing. It will soon be updated (I can’t await it, too).

If you like, you could have a look at the current partner area and watch the ajax calls like (reverse engineering):

If you authenticate, the usual way (via api), before calling the link, you should be able to retrieve data.

I sadly can’t tell you, if this will be covered in the updates of the api documentation nor the behavior will be same, after releasing the new api officially.

Hope it will help you nevertheless :slight_smile:


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Hi Thimo,

thank you very much for your prompt reply. I’m struggling a bit to get the api to work, can’t figure out how to authenticate, I’ll probably wait for the updated documentation.

Does this report return the design id or other design information by any chance? Or is it the same as the csv report you get from partner UI? That report doesn’t give any indication as to which designs the sales relate to, which is what I’m actually after.

Thanks again

You may find this pastebin helpful :wink:

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Thanks Thimo.
That first python example is really helpful. I managed to run both the example as is and adapt it to invoke the statistics/creditDetails api.
Hopefully the new API will come with ready to try examples like the one you have listed.
Thanks again for your help

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