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When I uploaded a few of my designs, I could not help but notice so many reviews from customers. The problem with this is that, say I upload a design on the 26 November 2019, products are created and everything looks good.

However, as I scroll down the reviews of these customers, many of them are somehow older than the actual date I have uploaded. A review from somebody on my design could be on the earlier dates of November, and some even reaching as far as October, which to me does not make sense at all. How does the review system work on Spreadshirt when I upload a design?

My second query is on payment related to the number of these reviews. I have read many FAQ’s and other helpful tips which you have provided, however, the answer that I am looking for isn’t in any of them, unfortunately.

When I’ve uploaded my designs, so far, the reviews have been great and quite a lot, I assume that some customers have already purchased my designs on the products they choose, however, I am not seeing anything on my statistics board, they are all showing zero’s.

The only thing I can see is the next payout, which is under my credit category, which is on the 16th of December 2019. Does this mean that I have to wait till that date in order for me to get my cut and the numbers to be updated on my statistics board and seeing actual results?

I know this may seem lengthy, but I would really appreciate the feedback. It will help a lot and I will continue to stay motivated to upload more designs!!

Shihab Al Yaarubi

Ahoy @Shihab_Al_Yaarubi

The reviews on the product detail page do not refer to the designs, but solely to the respective product.
The reviews are therefore independent of the respective designer and only reflect customer satisfaction with the respective product.
On your productdetailpage for example, which you can reach via the partner area

it is about the satisfaction of the customers with the standard Mens T-shirt, not about your design.
For comparison, you can simply select a different design on a standard Men’s T-shirt and you will find out that they are the same reviews.

So you don’t see any sales in your statistics because you haven’t sold anything yet. 3 days after the upload this is also very optimistic, which does not mean that it is impossible. But in general you have to wait a little longer and upload some more designs until you get your first sale.
I hope that answers your questions.

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Really appreciate the feedback as this is very helpful information.

In terms of payment, say if somebody purchases one of my designs right now,

  1. Will I get the money instantly or will I get it on my credit payout date, which is on the 18th of Dec?

  2. Will my statistics instantly be updated or do I have to wait for a certain amount of time, say on the 18th of Dec?

  3. If, for example, say one day, I end up posting 26 designs, somebody buys all 26 designs of mine (A dream come true btw…), Will I instantly get the affiliate and volume commission or just one of them? And if its just one, or both of them, again, will I get it instantly, or do I have to wait at a later date, say on my credit payout date?

Shihab Al Yaarubi

Hey @Shihab_Al_Yaarubi,

  1. You will get all your earnings to the next payoutday (+ some days transfer-time)

  2. A sale will instantly be shown in your statistics. 2 weeks after that sale also the credit will appear.

  3. If you turned on Affiliate Commission in your Shop you will get both Commissions: Affiliate and Volume commission. If not turned on you will only get the volume commision. You will get these commissions like all the normal design-commission for sales on the payoutday.

So payoutday includes all earnings and is twice a month.

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I see, thank you very much! Much appreciated!